Do I have to pay money to use this website?


Do I have to read my daily sections online?

Yes, there is no way to download the reading material for later electronic reading. If users would like to do their reading without an internet connection, they can use the "List View" page to generate a printable schedule for use with our printed publications.

What will happen to my notes if my reading plan is deleted?

All personal notes will remain available as long as you do not delete your account.


What is a "section" of reading material?

Living Stream Ministry has divided all its online publications into reading sections. The average reading section contains approximately 1000 words. The division of reading into sections ensures a more consistent and manageable reading portion for each day.

What is the difference between the two plan design options?

Both options are based on a selected start date. The first design option allows you to also select an end date for your reading. If this option is selected, a reading schedule will be created by dividing the number of sections into equal reading portions for the days that fall between the start and finish dates. The second design option allows you to select a specified portion to read each day (either in chapters or sections). If this option is selected, a reading schedule will be created without regard to a specific end date, although an end date will be determined.


Why did some of my readings disappear when I rescheduled?

In order to simplify rescheduling, we have decided to delete all readings which have dates that overlap with the new reading period. We apologize if this was not what was intended. All user notes are still available on the Notes page.


Can more than one person share a reading plan?

A reading plan that has been created by one user can be made available to other users by clicking the "Share Plan" link and entering a unique name and password for the shared plan which you can send via email to another user.

What happens if I share my partially completed reading plan?

When you share your reading plan with others, only the reading schedule is shared. Other information, including the number of completed sections and notes, is not shared.

What happens if a user of my shared plan reschedules?

Rescheduling a shared plan has no effect on others who are using the same reading plan.

Is there any way for users to view the progress of other users sharing the same reading plan?